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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Decks Life and coffee!

Recently we had the chance to build a deck for a couple we know well. It was a great chance to use the skills of most of the guys in the community. There were lots of good chats and probably too many coffees (if that is possible). The deck looks great and as we worked together we were encouraged and built up as well. Isnt that the way its supposed to be? That our days (even at work) would be a joy where we are growing and encouraging one another as we use the skills God has given us. So often we talk about the simple pleasures we find as a community, not in money, but in finding joy and healing in our days through our work and time spent together.
We hope that this simple story can encourage you that God wants to be part of our days. Wealth and the daily grind can never compare to Gods eternal salary package!

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