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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting connected

As we kick off another year, we would love to invite those of you that are seeking a small community to come and connect with. As you can see from the photos above, we love to come together to do practical jobs for people that are struggling to keep up, and we also use this as a good excuse to just get together. Many in our team have time during the week to gather, and this is just one way we do it. We also have regular get together on Fridays, starting with a support group in the morning and then a BBQ around lunch time, both these kick off from our community room in Croydon.

Also Thursdays has become a great time for some of the girls to get together in the community room. The girls have been gathering around 10ish and you are most welcome to bring your kids.

We do have a camp coming up in the next month or so, and will be going down to our favourite little spot at Torquay, so if this interests you we would love to hear from you.

If you would like more details about any of this, give us an email or you can call me (Geoff) on 0417 393 014

Love to hear from you


Kicking off another year

Hi Guy's,

It has been so great to see our little group coming together again this year to help others in their time of need. We had our first working bee last week helping someone in Yarra Glen, and the guys loved pulling together to watch the very overgrown garden be transformed into something now very managable.

Photos above, are us again getting stuck into a very overgrown back yard in Heathmont. It was so amazing to be able to connect with this special Women in her time need and help out in a very practical way. It was also amazing to hear the guys sharing their stories of Hope with this Lady struggling to make life work.

Awesome job Guy's........

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thoughts on authentic community...

Over the years, I have found myself questioning, "what is community" and "where is community"?  The kind of community where people are real and authentic with each other, feeling free to talk about what is really going on in their lives and share themselves openly with others.

For the past seven years, my husband and I have been seeking to know God more personally and follow after His heart.  We have desired to experience what the early Christians experienced together as it is described in the Bible and we have been seeking after what Jesus meant when He instructed and taught his disciples about life together and how to live that out ourselves.  We have been in many 'communities' in the last seven years - Youth With A Mission in particular, a few churches and now Elisha Care. But in all the 'communities' that we've been involved in, rarely did we experience that kind of authentic relationship which underpins the very nature of authentic communities.  Without authentic relationships there can be no authentic community life together.

Having 'joined' several Christan 'communities' in the past and having tried to 'join' a church or two here in Melbourne, I have come to the conclusion that an authentic community is not something that one can 'join.'  Rather, it is something that grows - something that God grows in you as you grow with Him.  At least that is what He has been doing with me. 

My community is not something that I now define with a ministry name or one particular group of people, and it's not made up of only Christians.  It is defined by the authentic relationships that have slowly grown between myself and others over the past three years.  It required me to put myself aside and learn to understand others despite our differences; to pursue and persist in the relationship even though I had to initiate contact every time; and to dare to trust that person with who I really am, allowing them the freedom to do the same. 

Everyone is hungry for real community - a place where they feel loved; a place where they feel safe with others.  But few are willing to give of themselves and be that community - that safe place - for others. 

The opportunities to give of myself to others that the banner of Elisha Care allows are something that I thoroughly enjoy.  It's part of my everyday life - not something that I compartmentalise and label as 'ministry'.  It's not always easy or comfortable, but I learn so much from the experience.