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Friday, June 25, 2010

As natural as it gets

Wednesday nights are our normal nights we gather at the boys house for some community time, but this one was to be a little different. Same crew, many of the people we have met along the journey and that want to share life with us, but it was far from a "meeting".

Sorry the picture above doesn't give you the real picture.....

Try and picture this........A full house, men, women and kids, most of us coming from lives of abuse, addiction, self destruction and pain, coming together for a family meal. This was one of those "naturally-supernatural moments, and one I won't forget for some time.

Guys serving alongside each other cooking, or preparing the meal.

Others setting tables, stoking the fire, collecting chairs, or just hovering around ready to fill a gap as one arose. The kids playing, amongst the organized chaos and everyone involved in this family time.

The conversations around the table were so natural, that when the meal had finished, the conversations hadn't and they flowed over into all different rooms of the house, it was priceless to see us "one anothering" with each other and with Jesus.

Our prayer has become, Father show us how to take this natural way of Kingdom activity into every part of our lives. Please pray for us as we seek Him more...

What an awesome community


Monday, June 21, 2010

Elisha Houses Update

Guys House - currently five guys. A fifth guy has officially moved into the house. This makes the house very full indeed! Please pray for a deepening of their relationships with Father and with each other, for good communication, personal growth, and healing.

Girls House - currently four girls. Another full house! One girl is still looking for another place to live as she wants to live with her family. Please pray that she would find what she needs and when she needs it. One of the others may only be with us for a short time, but she is doing well in the house and feels at home there. Please pray for good communication among the girls, that they would learn to understand and trust each other. Pray that Jesus would be known among them as they learn and grow together.

Family/Single Parent House - currently a single Dad. He is recovering well from his accident - praise God that he has almost full movement back! He also now has access to his children again, so they will be visiting him regularly at the house. Please pray for him as a father, and also that God would help him to grow in community with others.

Second Girls House - currently one girl and one baby. Mother and baby are doing well. Please continue to pray for their health and for adjustment to all the new things. Pray for a deeper understanding and awareness of God with her as she cares for her baby. The second girl has collected her belongings and moved out. Please pray that God would bring another suitable female to the house.

House for Betel - Betel are doing well and have fortunately been given longer in the house. They now have until September to find a new home. Please continue to pray for an adequate home for Betel when the time comes. Also pray for the guys that come to them for help - for the desire in their hearts to know Jesus.

If you have any prayer impressions that you wish to share with us,
please email them to contact@elishacare.org

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not Happy James

Finding the way out......

Some of the boys (not naming them... Doug, Danny, Jase & Josh) pulled down James's tent (while he was fast asleep in it).

It's pay back time I reckon.

Buxton Burger Boys

I had to put the pictures of the boys eating their Buxton burgers on the way home from our camping weekend. The record for eating these burgers is a couple of minutes, these guys were still going after 20, still a good effort boys.

Pictured Josh in the purple , Doug with the hat and James in white.
Don't forget boys we are going back for the cathedral burger next time

Boys in the Bush

A bunch of the guys from our community headed bush for the weekend, many of them taking their sons for some quality time. It was so awesome to see Dad's hanging out with their kids, chasing bears (let your imagination run), camping in tents, cooking around the massive fire, or just enjoying the bush. We were camped in the Cathedral Ranges, deep in the bush and right beside a Pine forest, so can you imagine how exciting it was for these kids to make cubby huts, hunt together, or go exploring with Dad.
Thanks Danny and Jase, for organizing this weekend, gathering all the camping stuff and making it such a memorably weekend. It will be etched in our memories for years to come.