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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some of the Boys

We recently picked up a job, where the guys had to move and spread 40 metres of mulch, if you're not sure how much that is try about 40 trailer loads. It was truly amazing to see these guys working together, as well as plenty of mucking around and sledging each other to get this job done.

Thanks John and Lou-Anne for the opportunity to do your job but even more to have the opportunity to get to know you both. Your hospitality is still being talked about.
Well done guys for an amazing effort.


Friday, August 27, 2010

The Dirty Dozen

Recently about a dozen of the boys went to play in the mud on some dirt bikes. Thanks Dan, for letting us rip up your paddocks as the adrenaline kicked in and the competitiveness took over. James (middle picture) took home the prize for most annoying on the day, spraying mud over the boys whenever he had opportunity.

It was a great day and always exciting to see these guys connecting, having fun, and looking out for one another.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Elisha Houses Update

So here's the latest... this information is always viewable on the 'Elisha Houses' page - click on the tab above to find it.

Guys House - currently three guys. Two guys have moved on, which has been a good move for at least one of them. Continue to for the relationships in this house, for a deepening of their relationship with Father, for good communication, personal growth, and healing.

Girls House - currently three girls. One girl has moved on - she found a great place for her to live with a member of her family, which is great. Continue to pray for good relationships to build up between the girls, so they can understand and trust each other more. Pray that Jesus would be known among them as they learn and grow together.

Family/Single Parent House - the single Dad has moved on. This house is possibly becoming a second guys house. Will update on that again soon. The two single guys that are looking at moving in are in need of prayer - that they will understand the idea of community and take ahold of the opportunity to grow that in this house.

Second Girls House - currently two girls and one baby. One girl has returned to the house after some time diong her own thing. Please pray for her to settle in well and to build trust with the other girl. Pray for good communication here also and a growing relationship with each other and Jesus.

House for Betel - This house has been sold and is no longer under our care, although we have an ongoing relationship with Betel. Please pray for the guys that come to them for help. For more information, go here http://www.betel.org/au

If you have any prayer impressions that you wish to share with us,

please email them to contact@elishacare.org

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ladies Camp was AWESOME!

On the weekend just gone, a bunch of us ladies went away for the weekend to relax, and hang out with each other and God.  We went to Benwerren, which is surrounded by beautiful bush, and has a cosy fireplace for the evenings.

It was a very special time together - there was just such a sense of acceptance and peace there.  On Sunday, several ladies expressed their desire to not go home!  We're all looking forward to the next time we can get together and enjoy hanging out with the girls!