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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Decks Life and coffee!

Recently we had the chance to build a deck for a couple we know well. It was a great chance to use the skills of most of the guys in the community. There were lots of good chats and probably too many coffees (if that is possible). The deck looks great and as we worked together we were encouraged and built up as well. Isnt that the way its supposed to be? That our days (even at work) would be a joy where we are growing and encouraging one another as we use the skills God has given us. So often we talk about the simple pleasures we find as a community, not in money, but in finding joy and healing in our days through our work and time spent together.
We hope that this simple story can encourage you that God wants to be part of our days. Wealth and the daily grind can never compare to Gods eternal salary package!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

End of financial year update

Greeting everyone! Thought id give another update about how things are going within the community.

As always there is a lot happening!
Several groups continue to meet each week for times of friendship, worship craft and reading the bible. These times are great for encouraging each other and 'doing life' together. We share our joys and struggles and are encouraged by others that have gone before us and know what we are experiencing. Thank God that we were made to do life together and not alone!

There have been some changes in the houses recently. A couple of guys have decided to leave, for different reasons. This leaves the fire station with out a permanent resident at the moment. We are hoping that soon we will have the right people to move in and share positive community together. It can be challenging to find the right mix of people. Our desire is that our houses would be a place for the broken to find a real home and live in the blessing of a healthy community, but this also requires some stability and those that can model faith and healthy life. If you pray for us please pray for the right people for our houses.

The business continues to do well even though it changes all the time. Several guys continue to be employed and grow in their faith and practical skills. We have several teams including Gardners, landscapers, builders, painters and fencers. There are some really great teams that love talking about life and faith as they work. Its such a blessing to be able to be joyful as you work and to encourage each other throughout the day. There shouldn't be a dissconnect between our work and the rest of our life. If we can grow and be encouraged and valued as we work how much richer our lives can be!

Geoff and others from our community continue to be given opportunities to share at schools, churches and business groups about what it looks like to do life with Jesus and the restoration that he brings. These have been powerful times both for our community and those hearing. We are thankful that we have a God that redeems and restores our brokenness and uses it for his glory.

As is the nature of our community there will always be those that face the battle of addiction, brokeness and death. We continue with sharing Jesus kingdom and  to do our best to love when its difficult, bring freedom to those suffering addiction and comfort those grieving. May He who is able bring restoration to those hurting as he has done for so many of us.

I hope that gives a quick snap shot of whats happening. We would love to connect with you in person if we are able. Here are a couple of pictures of the workers in action .


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Whats been happening

Its hard to keep these posts up to date. There is so much going on that to find the time to sit down and write it all down is challenging. Here is just some of whats been happening in the community.

The business is going great. We have about ten guys employed for varied days during the week. Its really good to be able to work together and encourage each other as we work and to not be focused on finances as the most important part of the job. People that we work for really notice the difference and we regularly get positive feedback. There is great satisfaction knowing that there was more to working than just making a financial profit.
We continue to search for a healthy balance between how much work is 'healthy'. This varies for each person. Over the last month there has been a bit less gardening work because of the cold weather. Things are starting to ramp up now with spring and some warm days. It wont be long before we start hearing the words 'before Christmas' and then it will be really busy again.
We have been blessed with a gift to be able to purchase a new ride on mower to tackle the bigger lawns. We are thankful for the generosity of those who are able to support us in this way. Thanks heaps Deano and crew for making this possible.

There continues to be great stories of healing and health within our community. Many people are experiencing what it is to live in a faith community and to be supported and grow in a Jesus centered environment. There also continues to be real struggles for many in our community. Addiction, broken families, and the plans of the enemy to rob, steal and destroy are very real and daily challenges for many. Please pray that Jesus would meet those in need and that He would show us what it is to love at these times.

Several groups continue on a weekly basis. These are such a great time of encouragement where we can share whats on our hearts and be encouraged be others in the community. We were not designed to be alone and yet for many of us, we can find ourselves feeling alone and without support when we need it most. Our weekly times of meeting really build community and relationships and allow us to journey together through life's great joys and challenges.

We have recently had to say goodbye to a dear friend who had enriched us with her faithfulness and girded us with encouragement in our personal journeys with Jesus. Her years were no dampener for her enthusiasm for Jesus and she regularly rallied us to trust in Him in our times of need and to be strengthened by His faithfulness. We will miss you Anne. We thank Jesus for the times that He gave us with you. You were one of a kind. We are greatly comforted knowing you are with your Lord to whom you gave your all.

That is all for now. There is so much happening that i have only touched on the surface. Please contact us or come have a cuppa with us sometime if you would like to get to know us more.



 A landscaping job that we recently did in warrigal.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Community life

I thought id give an update on what life in the community has looked like from my perspective over the last few weeks.

The main change for me has been my involvement in the elisha care gardening and property maintenance business. I resigned from job as a water pump and irrigation installer / repairer in February after feeling like my 6 years there had come to an end. A few months later and im working part time with the elisha business doing painting, fencing and gardening. I love working together with people that i can talk to about life while we work. The general feeling among the guys that are working together is that we all enjoy working!  Its so good getting to the end of the day and knowing that you haven't just been working for someone else  financial gain, usually to your own detriment, but that work is a blessing and mostly an enjoyable experience, especially when you see the job finished and can be satisfied with the work of your hands. I generally come home feeling like ive grown during the day. I am happy and have a smile for my my family rather than feeling frustrated that i was forced to work for money to pay the bills.
We have done many jobs but here is the one that Ryan, Paul and i finished this week.

This is a shot of the cut after we had removed the old, collapsed retaining wall.

This is after we have put in the new wall but before we put the fence back up. Well done guys! 

I have continued to love being part of our inside story group on a friday morning. I love that we are not studying the bible but are sharing stories from our own lives and then sharing Jesus stories of hope as well. Information with out action is powerless, but when the words of Jesus speak into our lives and cause restoration and bring hope then that is powerful indeed. 
I love how we have an opportunity to encourage and to walk beside each other, no matter where we are at in our journeys of knowing Jesus. I love the goodness and strength that walking with Him and with others brings. 

Over the last few weeks four guys have been meeting on a Wednesday night and working through the 'Wild at heart' series. It has been a great time of rediscovering what it means to be a man made in the image of God. The world would have us believe that cheap substitutes are the answer, escaping or trying to be fulfilled through, money, possessions, sex or pornography, alcohol, drugs, or even just being absent or hardened towards those around us. The fathers heart for us is so much better. He has made us for a purpose in the kingdom, with a heart that reflects His own. He wants to heal our hurts so that we can fight the battle he has made us for. He made us to be adventurous, to be filled with a great love and to walk together with our brothers in Jesus. What an encouraging and empowering series this has been! Men, do yourself a favor and read the book, or ask about being part of the next dvd series that we will run in the future. Women, if you want to know why men are the way they are then read the book. It will help explain the mysteries and differences of your man. 

 These are just a few of the many stories and happenings of my involvement in our community over the last few weeks. I hope they are an encouragement to you in your journey of life. 

May you find the same Joy that i have found, living out the purposes for which you have been made, and experiencing the rich blessing of walking with Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. 


Sunday, November 25, 2012

elishacare Garden & Building Maintenance

Some of you may be wondering where we have been, as we haven't posted something on this blog for many months.  

Tragically, I lost my Brother to suicide a couple of months ago now and our family have been working through this sad loss, trying to process, grieve, support each other and work out what life looks like on the other side of his passing.  We are incredibly grateful for all the support we have felt during this time...

A few months before this, a small group of us had been meeting to discuss the possibility of setting up a garden business under the banner of elishacare.  We have been gardening for sometime, helping many that can't afford help or doing working bees for people in our community, but this was to be something that would help some in our team that had recovered from their addiction and needed employment, as well as a chance to step of the centre-link support system.

A week or so after my Brother had died, I met with one of the guys that had been guiding us in this direction.  He asked me how I was, and my reply was "I am even more passionate now to take Hope our to those that are in need of finding life", and his response was " let's do it then"

We have 4 guys now getting some regular work, and it has been amazing to see the guys step up into this role.  This is so much more than employment, but empowerment and an incredible joy for me to be apart of.

If you know anyone needing some assistance with anything around the home, we would love to hear from you.

Our community continues to function in a variety of ways, but it is ever changing and we hold on and go for the ride.  Thanks for your love and support.....


Thursday, May 17, 2012

A special day in court

I just wanted to write and let those that read this blog know about an experience I had in the Ringwood Court (outer Eastern Melbourne) recently.
One of the guys we have been supporting and journeying with for many years now, had to attend court once again for breaching his parole and re offending.  His last 7 times in court had resulted in 7 custody sentences, and his Lawyer did all he could to show the Magistrate that this young man is making every effort to break this cycle and find another way of doing life.

Over the past 12 months or so, it has been amazing to watch this young man, begin to connect with the guys in elishacare, and our time spent on the streets in Croydon really helped this man feel accepted and apart of this community.  He then started coming to a regular meal we have together every Tuesday night, and listened to us sitting around after the meal sharing our life, our faith and how Jesus invites us deep into this relationship with him.  The more he came, the more he embraced this love and you could see his walls coming down week by week.
His next massive step was to come on his first ever camp with this community, and again priceless to watch the guys love this man unconditionally.

Back to court to finish this story......

What really touched my heart this day, eight of the guys that have become friends with this man turned up to court, not because they were asked to, or felt some sort of obligation, but because they had become apart of his journey, and really wanted to do all that they could to show support and love.
I had a chance to take the witness box, and talk about how he had made some incredible steps towards this new life, about how he had so many new friends, friends that believed in him, friends that have turned up in court today to show their support, and even had a chance to say how many of these new friends had come from destructive lifestyles themselves and that had found freedom.

It was so moving to listen to the Magistrate wind up this hearing, saying how the support shown by the guys today, and the community of elishacare, had really touched him and that he encouraged this man to continue this journey.  He then went on to say that he would normally have to give a 15 month sentence for this re offending, but would today only give him two months, and again he thanked those that had given of their time to support.

He was led away, we all gathered our emotions and thanked Jesus for what had just taken place.

Some of you may be saying "but he still had to go to prison", and that is where we will continue this journey with him.

 Love you to be praying for him, and us, as we share the privilege of loving one another.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Camp Photos

 Getting ready to leave "The Lounge" in Croydon

 It was so good to have Ben on camp with us and even more exciting to see what is taking shape in his life at the moment.
Go Benny
 From left, Nick, Simon, Rey and Matty having a Jam or at least I think you can call it that.  

 Some of the crew just chilling on the porch, we have had so many camps down here at Torquay and love these times so much

Dougy and Benny having a burn off, and this is Doug in his element

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to all those that came on camp and made this such a special time.  
As we continue to develop relationships with each other and keep Jesus in the centre of all we do, he continues to build us into the community He wants us to be......