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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ladies' Craft Group

I just wanted to share something about ladies' craft group, which has been happening on and off for the past year...

I've really enjoyed getting to know a few ladies in our community whilst being creative together.  It's one of those things that you can't make happen unless you always turn up and spend time with people. 

I have to admit that I'm not the most outgoing social person in the world!  I like being at home and I like having time alone... 

In the beginning I think I was very much focussed on the craft as I was a little uncomfortable being in close proximity to new people.   However, as time went on I found myself caring less and less about what we achieve creatively and simply enjoying spending the time with ladies that I've come to care about. 

I still enjoy being creative with others, encouraging them and helping them to find things to do that they enjoy, but it's the journey in life that we're taking together that matters more.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Christmas Break-up

Over the past few years now we have gathered at the "cornerhouse", a central place in Croydon to meet those in our community that are looking for another way of life, and wanting to explore this Jesus we talk so often about.

What makes this gathering so dynamic is that we encourage everyone to be involved, from the setting up, cooking the barby, making coffee's, looking after the fire (in winter) or just keeping an eye out for someone that needs a listening ear. I just love watching people connect, feel safe enough to share their lives with us, and then before long are on a journey with us, not quite knowing how it all began or where it will end. Some this past year have changed in dramatic ways without us knowing how or when it all took place.

Our Break-up

For the past few years now we have had our christmas break-up at the cornerhouse, and it has been a real community celebration. Again with so many taking responsibility to set up and contribute to the day (thanks everyone). We had another great turn out, with many we had met from our local community during the year come, as well as some local Traders and those we work with from the Shire, and then the many that have become the elishacare community. It was also really exciting for us to see some that sit on the fringe, and a little hesitant to connect during the year come and enjoy the celebration.

We would really value your prayer this year as we continue to connect with and support some of the most broken in our community.


(sorry no pictures of break-up)