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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Whats been happening

Its hard to keep these posts up to date. There is so much going on that to find the time to sit down and write it all down is challenging. Here is just some of whats been happening in the community.

The business is going great. We have about ten guys employed for varied days during the week. Its really good to be able to work together and encourage each other as we work and to not be focused on finances as the most important part of the job. People that we work for really notice the difference and we regularly get positive feedback. There is great satisfaction knowing that there was more to working than just making a financial profit.
We continue to search for a healthy balance between how much work is 'healthy'. This varies for each person. Over the last month there has been a bit less gardening work because of the cold weather. Things are starting to ramp up now with spring and some warm days. It wont be long before we start hearing the words 'before Christmas' and then it will be really busy again.
We have been blessed with a gift to be able to purchase a new ride on mower to tackle the bigger lawns. We are thankful for the generosity of those who are able to support us in this way. Thanks heaps Deano and crew for making this possible.

There continues to be great stories of healing and health within our community. Many people are experiencing what it is to live in a faith community and to be supported and grow in a Jesus centered environment. There also continues to be real struggles for many in our community. Addiction, broken families, and the plans of the enemy to rob, steal and destroy are very real and daily challenges for many. Please pray that Jesus would meet those in need and that He would show us what it is to love at these times.

Several groups continue on a weekly basis. These are such a great time of encouragement where we can share whats on our hearts and be encouraged be others in the community. We were not designed to be alone and yet for many of us, we can find ourselves feeling alone and without support when we need it most. Our weekly times of meeting really build community and relationships and allow us to journey together through life's great joys and challenges.

We have recently had to say goodbye to a dear friend who had enriched us with her faithfulness and girded us with encouragement in our personal journeys with Jesus. Her years were no dampener for her enthusiasm for Jesus and she regularly rallied us to trust in Him in our times of need and to be strengthened by His faithfulness. We will miss you Anne. We thank Jesus for the times that He gave us with you. You were one of a kind. We are greatly comforted knowing you are with your Lord to whom you gave your all.

That is all for now. There is so much happening that i have only touched on the surface. Please contact us or come have a cuppa with us sometime if you would like to get to know us more.



 A landscaping job that we recently did in warrigal.